Begins to explore the Scandinavian market thanks to the agreement with the Swedish company JOHOC

Begins to explore the Scandinavian market thanks to the agreement with the Swedish company JOHOC

  • JOHOC, Swedish consultant  specializing in business expansion, allows companies  to develop in  markets  Stockholm,  Gotebor g ,  Copenhagen n , Berlin and Brussels, among others . 
  • This agreement is part of the  internationalization plan  designed by  BeAmbassador , which  has already begun in Latin America and begins to expand to other areas with inter és  strategies  of  Employee Branding .   

Has reached  an agreement with the Swedish consultancy  JOHOC ,  specialists in  supporting emerging companies during their growth in the European market.   

This agreement’s main objective  is to initiate the sales process  of  BeAmbassador  in Europe , starting  from  the Scandinavian market ,  which has already shown  interest in strategies  Employee Branding with  brand ambassadors   . 

Johoc  begin the sale of  BeAmbassador e n  these  companies. Est as actions  allow n see first hand what is being the evolution of the trend of l Employee Branding  in Europe , as is already happening in Spain and Latin America.        

This joint agreement will make it possible to obtain  a  heat map  with the real interest in the different sectors and, in this way, contribute to  the internationalization plan that BeAmbassador has been implementing   since 2020.  

In the words of the CEO of the company, José  Olarreaga ,  ” At  BeAmbassador  we are very excited about this new challenge that we face with a   first level  Partner like JOHOC and to whom we thank for trusting in  the  leading technological solution  in  Employee Branding   .

Employee Branding  and brand ambassador strategies  have become increasingly important since last year, when the COVID-19 crisis forced companies to digitize and opt for  innovative, affordable and high-performing  strategies . That is why  continues its expansion in more and more markets throughout the planet, and  already  has a  presence  not only in Latin America and  Spain, but also in Canada , and now also in northern Europe thanks to this agreement with JOHOC .  

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