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What are the 3 most used social networks by companies?

Find out which are the social networks most used by companies

The social networks most used by companies are not always the most suitable for your business or profession. The idea of ​​this article is to teach you the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 most used social networks by companies and that you can decide if they will cover your needs and how to guide your strategy in them.

Although we have hundreds of social networks, both vertical and horizontal, I have preferred to only talk about three because today it is very important to concentrate all our efforts on fewer social networks . It will always be better to work quality than quantity, so one, two or three social networks are better than five and poorly worked. However, if you don’t have that valuable time, you can always hire a social media agency  to do some of the work.

Now that we are clear that working less social networks is going to benefit us, before starting I would like to show you the most important reasons for using social networks in a company.

Why use social networks in a company?

Here are 10 compelling reasons to use social media in any company: 

  1. It is the means of communication that people use the most. 
  2. Although it depends on the social network, it is usually cheap advertising .
  3. We find all kinds of ages , depending on the social network.
  4. Every day people spend an average of 3 hours on social networks .
  5. Three-quarters of companies have already seen good results .
  6. It is easier for your customers to recommend their good experience .
  7. More than 90% of people carry their social networks on their mobile.
  8. Seven out of ten companies have  seen their brand image improved after using social networks.
  9. There are always systems that allow planning and optimization of dedication time .
  10. They have come to stay , you will not be able to flee from them.

The three social networks most used by companies

Logically, the three social networks most used by companies are those with the most active users. For this reason there has been an important change in the last three years.

Facebook continues to be the most used social network worldwide and the one with the most users. Also in Spain, one of the oldest so it is still the most used by companies. One of the two social networks that has penetrated the most, reaching countries like Spain almost equaling the number of users is Instagram . With what has gone from being a social network used by certain sectors to begin to be within the three most used. And  finally, the most professional-specific social network, LinkedIn, which has also seen an incredible increase .

Although we will see the advantages that each one of them brings us below, what we know is that regardless of the sector, there are the three social networks where the highest percentage of people with more than 18 years of age is agglutinated in social networks. That is why they are the ones that should be bet on any company. Shall we start? 


A social network that will be able to bring you countless advantages to your company. Do not think, like many people, that it is no longer a widely used social network,  there  are still 22 million active accounts in Spain . The 10 most important advantages that we can highlight regarding Facebook as one of the most used social networks by companies are: 

# 1 Branding

Facebook will allow you to improve the brand image of your business or company. By allowing posts to be shared by other users, the strength of a “recommendation” as such greatly increases that image. It is when someone shares your opinion or something you have seen that has caught your attention. Sharing is increasing your reputation .

# 2 Advertising

Facebook has a cheap system that allows an unbeatable segmentation to be able to reach only those people who interest you, especially those over 40 years old. Your money on advertising is not lost teaching it to people who are not customers but only those who themselves  can. 

# 3 Communication channel

It is one of the best communication channels as it has the largest number of users, even above traditional media such as television, radio or the press.

# 4 Reputation management

It allows you to easily manage user opinions. You can easily request that they leave their experience. And you can also respond and control those bad opinions.

# 5 Customer service

Facebook is one of the social networks most used by companies, among other reasons, because, with it, you will be able to interact remotely and directly with any client. For example, it  incorporates Messenger, an instant messaging system, such as WhatsApp, which is used more in countries like the USA. 

# 6 Traffic generator

Facebook is one of the social networks that generates the most traffic to web pages. In this way, you can lead to more information on products or services, better loyalty and gain traffic to improve your SEO performance. 

# 7 Event Creator

It includes a very complete tool to organize and promote any type of event for your business or company.

# 8 Catalog generation

It allows us to create product catalogs. In addition,  these products will also be used on social networks of the same company, as in  the case of Instagram. We can enhance the image, name and description of the product, its price and a direct link to our online store if we have it.

# 9 Emotional content

It is one of the social networks that, due to the type of publications, allows us to transfer that emotional content that people like so much. This generates interactions and, in the long run, community growth.

# 10 Loyalty

Community management on Facebook allows us to have tools to retain and maintain a community of users who may be our customers, or may be at some stage of need to purchase. 


This is the social network that more h to  grown since 2018 . Today it reaches more than 20 million users in Spain , practically like its older brother, Facebook. They belong to the same company and, logically, it must be included in our strategies. The 10 most important advantages of Instagram as one of the most used social networks by companies are:

# 1 Segmentation

It is the social network with the most information on people under 35 years of age. Not just geographic data ,  but  also lifestyles, tastes and interests, preferences, and behaviors .

# 2 Great community

It is the social network with the most users by far between 18 and 35 years old . In Spain, 70% of this population uses Instagram.

# 3 Customer service

It includes tools to ask questions, conduct surveys and interact easily and quickly . In addition, they  are incorporated into “stories” that are short-lived, thus generating valuable information and driving participation. 

# 4 Effective advertising

As in Facebook, having a good segmentation makes it easier for advertising to only be seen by those people we are interested in and not waste money on users we do not want.

# 5 Generate traffic

Although we cannot use links in the publications, both the link in the biography and if we have a very large community we can use links in the stories. this always generates more traffic to our website.

# 6 Advertising 

The segmentation and growth that this social network allows is somewhat higher than on Facebook. Above all,  because it is easier to grow organically, so the investment in advertising will always be lower than on Facebook. 

# 7 Build trust

It is the social network that best allows to increase the confidence of the clients. The type of advertising closest to the audience allows having content that better humanizes a brand.

# 8 Improve ad pitches

It is the social network par excellence that we have more graphic options to launch eye-catching advertising campaigns. It has multiple formats and always very visual.

# 9 Easy investment measurement

It incorporates a range  of very interesting statistics, as it has multiple formats, it even improves Facebook’s own. So it is easier to measure the investment with the return obtained (ROI). 

# 10 Cross promotions

If we said that it improves advertising launches, this social network also allows you to easily promote other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube .


Although this social network has always been somewhat opaque with its data, we know that in Spain there are already 12 million active accounts . It is the largest professional social network in the world. The growth comes from the purchase of Microsoft.  

The 10 most important advantages that we can highlight are:

# 1 Special for business

It is the perfect network to be able to work B2B . We only find professional profiles so the information is always around the businesses or companies.

# 2 Professional brand image

Whether you are a professional or a business, the brand image increases significantly since providing professional information always helps to improve it.

# 3 Professional synergies

It is much easier to make direct connections with suppliers and potential customers in the same industry. Finding people dedicated to the same as your company or business is much easier than in any social network. 

# 4 Ease of recruiting talent

It is the most powerful work tool we have today. And by finding only professional profiles, it is very easy to find talents and recruit new professionals for your business .

# 5 Product Catalog

Like Facebook, LinkedIn incorporates a tool to register products and / or services. In this way you can share these products or even promote them through advertising.

# 6 Simple networking

It is the social network that best allows you to meet other companies from different sectors and to complement services or products with them. Business win-win . 

# 7 Competitor information

It is very easy to follow the competition since the social network itself sends us statistics of our competitors. It is also easier to obtain information and statistics from our own sector. 

# 8 Involvement of our employees

As these are professional profiles, it is easy for the employees themselves to generate content designed to promote the company, when promoting themselves they will use content from the current company where they work. To do this, having a brand ambassador program is essential.

# 9 Web traffic

Like Facebook, as it allows incorporating links in publications, it is a great tool to generate traffic to any website.

# 10 Internationalization

LinkedIn is the perfect social network if we want to boost our business outside the country . It allows you to find people from other companies and countries in a simple way, which without this social network would be impossible.


We could see advantages of many more social networks, but these three can generate an important synergy. Not only  because they are the three most used social networks and with the most users in Spain, but because the content that we are going to be able to work with will help to greatly optimize the time spent at all three.

In my opinion, working these three social networks in a company will always return more than we invest. Convinced? 

Begins to explore the Scandinavian market thanks to the agreement with the Swedish company JOHOC

Begins to explore the Scandinavian market thanks to the agreement with the Swedish company JOHOC

  • JOHOC, Swedish consultant  specializing in business expansion, allows companies  to develop in  markets  Stockholm,  Gotebor g ,  Copenhagen n , Berlin and Brussels, among others . 
  • This agreement is part of the  internationalization plan  designed by  BeAmbassador , which  has already begun in Latin America and begins to expand to other areas with inter és  strategies  of  Employee Branding .   

Has reached  an agreement with the Swedish consultancy  JOHOC ,  specialists in  supporting emerging companies during their growth in the European market.   

This agreement’s main objective  is to initiate the sales process  of  BeAmbassador  in Europe , starting  from  the Scandinavian market ,  which has already shown  interest in strategies  Employee Branding with  brand ambassadors   . 

Johoc  begin the sale of  BeAmbassador e n  these  companies. Est as actions  allow n see first hand what is being the evolution of the trend of l Employee Branding  in Europe , as is already happening in Spain and Latin America.        

This joint agreement will make it possible to obtain  a  heat map  with the real interest in the different sectors and, in this way, contribute to  the internationalization plan that BeAmbassador has been implementing   since 2020.  

In the words of the CEO of the company, José  Olarreaga ,  ” At  BeAmbassador  we are very excited about this new challenge that we face with a   first level  Partner like JOHOC and to whom we thank for trusting in  the  leading technological solution  in  Employee Branding   .

Employee Branding  and brand ambassador strategies  have become increasingly important since last year, when the COVID-19 crisis forced companies to digitize and opt for  innovative, affordable and high-performing  strategies . That is why  continues its expansion in more and more markets throughout the planet, and  already  has a  presence  not only in Latin America and  Spain, but also in Canada , and now also in northern Europe thanks to this agreement with JOHOC .  

How to develop an Employer Branding strategy from scratch?

As a company, always looking s discover, recruit and retain the best talent . Persons working to achieve their objectives , which  fit into  your  culture  and have  af to n  of  é success, following what is known as Employer Branding strategy. 

But there is a problem:  your competition wants  exactly the same thing . And with the reputation or n of a company m to s visible than ever, whether  trav é s of b u SEARCHING employment in Google or the rese ñ as sites of comparison it or n as  Glassdoor or Indeed, submit a proposed employer is powerful and convincing m to s crucial and  m to s dif í cil  than ever .    

With a limited group of really exceptional people who can make a difference in  your company , it is essential that can s  stand out from the crowd  to attract talent there, as í  to keep people you already have .

Ah í  is where comes in  your strategy Employer Branding or Brand Employer . T and help to  find candidates that fit the ambitions of  your brand  and demonstrate  qu é  is felt to n  at home on their computers. 

In this post we will delve into what is one strategy employer brand and outline steps 5 cr í Ticos to develop a connecting you with the best talent available.

How important is having an Employer Branding strategy?

It is fair to say that the need for a strategy of Employer Branding is now m to s stronger than ever. The job seeker actively seeks all information or n possible on a  company  before submitting your application, and there is much  information he or n  available.

As mentioned above,  Glassdoor or Indeed are s or as  two examples of platforms that highlight the culture and processes of your company . Also é n must take into account website and other marketing channels such as social networks , as í  as word of mouth own workers .

If  your  negatives outweigh the positives, or if no dedicated s  the same attention it or n to  your strategy Employer Branding that t US  competitors  ,  t e risk s  losing the best talent, and even lose the current members of the team in the process.

Develop a brand that will attract and connect with the current candidates, increasingly to s savvy web, it is vital and can lead to many benefits :

  • Greater appeal as an employer for talented people interested in working in  your industry.
  • Greater  motivation or n  between  the team today  to feeling m to s connected and in Sinton í to the values of  your brand.
  • Disminuci or tangible n of the costs associated with RECRUITMENT it or n new talent and retention or n long term.
  • A template that actively defends and promotes  your brand , expanding its reach to other candidates and clients.
  • A vision or n  clear and unified  your brand  to which to move forward with all people associated with  your  shoved company to ndola in that direction or n.

Five steps to develop your Employer Branding strategy from scratch

Employer Branding strategy effectively can make a difference in the decision or n of an ideal candidate to join  your company  compared to other options available. Following these good PR to practices  will  give more control over  the messages projects and the ability to influence the way these people see  your  brand. 

# 1 Audit the perception of your brand

Before developing  one strategy employer brand, it is important to have s  a clear idea of c or how people see  your  company initially. Otherwise,  ¿ c or mo sabr to s qu é adjustments are necessary?  

An auditor í a  depth of perception or actual n of  your  brand, both  trav é s the eyes of  the  employees and  your users , t e can understand whether  your  message and reputation or current n projected values and attractiveness pretends s . Especially in  companies  with computers around the world, it is f to easy translate their values wrong or need to connect with refined  p ú PUBLIC  premises. 

# 2 Create your Buyer Persona

¿ Qui é n is  your candidate  perfect ? Without a clear answer to this question, not be to s able to effectively develop a strategy for employer branding  that addresses a person with personality, aspirations and skills to seamlessly incorporate  your  equipment. 

Preg ú Ntate:

  • ¿ Cu to are their main traits of personality
  • ¿ Qu é  causes they care about ? 
  • ¿ Qu é  them motivates  d í a  to  d í to?
  • ¿ D or nde seek  information or n ?
  • ¿ Qu é  roles and responsibilities want?
  • ¿ Qui é n influences their decisions?

# 3 Define the differentiating elements of your company

Know  what é  is what makes  u unique to your company  contributes greatly to develop its history.

Is the statement or n of the mission will or n your organization or n,  values. It is social responsibility. It is the culture.

All contribute to  your strategy employer brand to determining why é someone choose í to join or  to t or company  and not another . To set  the  factors of differentiation it or No USP, it is important to reassess  the  values themselves and compare them with the potential alternatives .   

# 4 Determine and use your main marketing channels

¿ C or mo  goes s  to reach  your  potential  candidates  or relate t e better with  your workers?  

From ber t to s  have an idea m to s clear channel that goes s to use  with candidates seeking s . However, it is essential that define s  as part of  your initiatives employer brand and keep s consistency across all platforms you choose to use.

In choosing the channels m to s effective, whether  trav é s a p to gina jobs in  your  web, campaign ñ as  means of communication he or No payment or carrying  your  employer brand to social networks  could to s get to your  p u PUBLIC with much more to s  é success . 

In this sense, don’t forget that BeAmbassador allows you to turn your team into brand ambassadors , and enhance your Employer Branding strategy through their social networks.

# 5 Create your value proposition as an employer

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is your  promise to current and future employees. It is what gives s  and  what  it har to  who are passionate about being part of  your  team , and as such is an axis of  your strategy employer brand. 

At the center of  the  PVE must be  your worker : their motivations, their interests, their objectives. Ideally, your proposal covers everything they are looking for to connect with your company in a positive and satisfactory way.  

With these tips you can start developing your Employer Branding strategy successfully and become a benchmark for attracting and retaining talent. The time has come to become the best place to work , so get to work!

Team has been able to reaffirm that the strategies Employee Branding is here to stay

Our participation in # DES2021
  • During the fair # DES2021 BeAmbassador team has been able to reaffirm that the  strategies Employee Branding is  here to stay .
  • The event has served the cloud platform to hold strategic meetings with future clients and  partners .
  • BeAmbassador is emerging as a fundamental tool for the digital evolution of companies a year from now.

Coses the fifth edition  of IFEMA’s Digital Enterprise Show (# DES2021) with a very good taste in the mouth. As José Olarreaga , CEO of the Employee Branding platform explains  , “This fair has had very good professional recognition. Due to the security measures, necessary for the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, we have appreciated less visiting public and more professional public ”. In this framework, the BeAmbassador team has been able to confirm that Employee Branding strategies  are here to stay . What before the pandemic we considered as a solution to a problem has now become a necessity ”, Olarreaga remarks. 

The digitization accelerated by Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of integrating the employee within the company. “A motivated worker, who feels comfortable, will work better and offer better service,” says  Jesús González , COO of BeAmbassador. 

Regarding the type of company that has shown the most interest in employee branding solutions  ,  González confirms that: “Although our company is open to any sector, it is true that we tend to be more attractive for projects with strong marketing and sales departments . However, we are sure that this will end up penetrating the human resources departments, and it will be a real  revolution ”.

Active participation in # DES2021

To give  a  better understanding of the platform  BeAmbassador  among attendees, the team  BeAmbassador  realiz or two presentations during # DES2021 which aroused interest among potential   partners  and customers. In the first, the  COO of  the company presented  the characteristics of the platform  and made  a demo of it.  In the second, the CEO of  BeAmbassador  spoke  next  to  Daniela Ferrer St., Business Director at Good Rebels, BeAmbassador partners on strategies Employee Advocacy, how they work and how to carry them out today. 

A challenge in the digital environment

From  BeAmbassador they  are aware that companies present a series of needs and problems. One of these problems is, without a doubt, having  a poor reach in corporate content . “In our company we are very aware of  how influential people are  individually on social media. The opinion of anyone on social networks influences.  At  BeAmbassador we take advantage of  this  influence to see how we face the challenge of engaging the employee  as an active part in the dissemination of the brand’s content ”, emphasizes the company’s COO. The challenge and incentive system This solution  Employee Branding  is key to motivating employees in this line: “U no problems having to do a strategy  of  ambassadors without tools or without solutions manual way is you do not really know  qui én  contributes more to the brand. To  Be Ambassador  know what e  ambassador  is more active and contributes more to the brand , and we know that a ranking, a ‘leader is generated  board “, depending on the activity of the ambassador . In it,  you earn points  and your points can be exchanged through the incentive program ”.

Goal # DES2022

Next year’s DES fair will change the venue in which it has been held for five editions, and will be held in Malaga . The team  BeAmbassador  is very clear that will attend  to  this unmissable meeting for  technological and business ecosystem , as well as showcase key of the latest technological solutions that boost efficiency and competitiveness of business in a market in full recovery .

“The confinements derived from the pandemic have greatly enhanced the  productive, organizational and collaborative tools… but now , after that stage, the time has come to satisfy new  technological needs , and  tools such as  BeAmbassador are   going to be fundamental . For this reason, next year we hope to have made much progress. ”, Concludes González .

B4B: the evolution of B2B that brings your business closer to the success of the 21st century

Beyond a simple label, the  B4B concept brings  together a business model philosophy based on  giving the customer what they need  and not what the company wants to sell. It represents more than meets the eye because this approach is profound, as it leads you to a digital transformation of your company.  

People are very quick to name names and, deep down, I don’t think it’s bad, because we need to communicate. Although, it is also true that language falls short. It happens to me with the B4B, because I imagine it with many links with the clients that support it and that 3 letters are not able to transmit. 

Therefore, today I want to tell you what B4B is, why we say that it is a natural evolution of B2B business and why, for me, it  is the basis for the success of 21st century companies

Stay here, keep reading, and you will tell me what you think of this not-so-new business model.  

What is the B4B? 

B4B or business for business  is a business model between companies that seeks to provide solutions to their customers, keeping the buyer’s need as a premise and not the seller’s product or service. (By Sonia Duro Limia) 

It is based on focusing the business strategy on  meeting the needs of the target customer , which entails a much more humanized business model  . It gives a twist to the traditional approach we have about the B2B industry.  

If before the company thought of a product and service to sell and then created the need in the consumer, now, with the B4B, the opposite happens: first it analyzes how to cover the client’s needs and, from there, the solution is designed .  

In this Leader Selling podcast, “ Digital Selling for successful companies of the 21st century ”, I talk with my partner (Núria Teuler) about this topic: B4B: the evolution of B2B for companies of the 21st century 

From B2B to B4B 

The move from B2B to B4B was not sudden, although this concept began to be discussed in 2015. It has been the result of a  process of brand humanization  and the detection and internalization of business values ​​focused more on people and not so much In the economy.  

The change of the preposition “to” ( business to business ) by “for” ( business for business ) says much more than it may seem. This way of calling the business model implies a much more natural, more egalitarian relationship between companies, in which mutual benefit and enrichment are the protagonists.  

This did not happen in B2B, since the connotation of “to” implies that the seller imposes his product or service and the buyer can decide little. 

The 3 main limitations of B2B 

Why has B2B become obsolete in the business world? 

B2B: business is done between companies 

Today we have understood that  business is not done between companies, but between the people of those companies . Being aware of this is essential to be successful in a negotiation because you need to know what your customer’s needs are covered by what you want them to buy from you. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is get to know your buyer (your Buyer Persona).  

The B2B has little to offer here since the starting point of the negotiation is to show the characteristics of the product or service. 

B2B: endogamic point of view 

Another aspect that makes B2B die is the  endogamous vision of the business , which is focused on its benefit and not on that of the client.  

In today’s society, people are more relevant and this directly collides with old business principles. Consumers demand to be able to talk to brands and this concept, typical of the 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions, does not please the buyer.  

B2B: disregard for the environment 

The  care for the environment  is one of the failures of B2B models.  

There are still many companies that have their way of production or marketing based on the canons of the twentieth century. Aspects as basic as recycling or the reduction of polluting gases, have not just been fulfilled in them.  

This leaves them out of the sympathy of the 21st century buyer. 

Let’s see how the B4B model counteracts these details. 

The 3 main contributions of the B4B 

Why is the B4B imposed as a successful business model? 

B4B: Advisory Selling 

The  Inbound Marketing  has greatly helped the B4B because it focuses on 100% in attracting the customer, selling through content that meet needs and answer questions on the buyer.  

Therefore,  one of the most powerful tools that you can use in your B4B business model is  consultative selling .  

B4B: Buyer Persona is the center of the strategy 

The  Buyer Persona  appears as one of the first steps to define in a business and marketing strategy, fundamentally the digital one. Knowing your buyer well is key to being able to give away those contents that improve their quality of life (personal and work).  

The B4B has understood this perfectly and, precisely this, is what, probably, most differentiates it from the B2B.  

This implies a change in processes, digitization, digital transformation and a new way of understanding business. The one in which the objective of a company is for its customers to get theirs. 

In other words, if you are my client and I help you achieve your goal, surely you will want to continue working with me. And, that, makes me get mine. Pretty logical, right?  

B4B: Care for the Environment 

The  care for the environment  is one of the fundamental principles of the people and this has been integrated rapidly in the securities of companies that base their business model on the B4B. 

The  SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)  were agreed by 193 countries, in the same year that the B4B concept was born. In them, protecting the planet is one of the 3 pillars that are proposed to people. Evidently: 

  • if people make companies and  
  • if people integrate them into our way of life,  
  • then companies incorporate it into their brand philosophy.  

It is pure logic. And this, the B4B businesses have understood. 


How to evolve towards the B4B? Ask yourself these questions.  

Mag Rajasekaran  was the first to talk about B4B in 2015.  

He posed 5 questions that you too can ask yourself and that will help you reflect on  how to evolve towards a model  of today’s successful companies

These are:  

  1. What should you change in your business model to help your client achieve their goal? 
  2. How can you structure your organization to push your client to achieve their goal? 
  3. How can you create products, services and, in general, solutions, to help your client achieve success? 
  4. What effective route planning can you define to engage your customer? 
  5. What good experiences can you create to maintain your customer’s loyalty and make their purchase cycle longer? 

As you can see, it is a 100% customer-centric approach that does not neglect your own business profitability. It is, as I said a few lines above:  your success is your success


Once you understand the concept of B4B and analyze the limitations of the archaic B2B, it is very likely that you want to achieve a more current and successful brand positioning (or so I would like to think   ). 

The focus on the client, the person, the humanization of your company, are fundamental in this almost quarter of the 21st century that we live.  

Looking back is always to learn and not repeat mistakes. The world evolves, as Darwin said about species, and business models are one of them. 

Focusing on the value of the person and protecting the planet we live on are two pillars of this much more humanized business philosophy. But you have to do it for real. 

At Leader Selling we already move with a  B4B business model , and you? Do you also dare to evolve? 

Health confirms that López-Gatell has been admitted to the hospital for coronavirus for five days

The Mexican undersecretary and spokesman for the pandemic hopes to leave the Citibanamex Center on Monday or Tuesday

Hugo López-Gatell in one of his press conferences on covid-19 EL UNIVERSAL / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO / Europa Press

The Ministry of Health has confirmed this Sunday night that Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell, the Mexican spokesman for the health emergency, has been hospitalized for five days because of the coronavirus. The information has been confirmed by federal authorities after several days of speculation and denials from official sources about the health status of the official, who reported his illness on February 20. Dr. Ruy López Ridaura, the general director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Cenace), has assured that the 52-year-old undersecretary is “very well” and “in very good spirits”, so he could graduate this Monday or Tuesday if it continues to evolve well.

On Sunday night, López-Gatell himself sent a message to La Jornada, who in the morning had published that the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion was hospitalized at the Citibanamex Center, a field hospital set up to assist with the crisis that the covid-19 has caused in the city. The official corroborated this information by ensuring that he has been in the temporary care unit since noon on Wednesday. “The service here is excellent,” he said. “They did not hospitalize me for being delicate but to receive treatment, which is intravenous and easier to handle than at home,” López-Gatell told the newspaper, which has a lot of penetration within the Government of the so-called Fourth Transformation.

The Mexican czar for the pandemic assures that his coronavirus picture is moderate. On Wednesday, another health official pointed out that López-Gatell received supplemental oxygen since the afternoon of Monday, February 22, two days after it was reported that he had tested positive for antigens. The undersecretary was isolated in his house after the announcement and stopped appearing in the daily conferences that he offers to communicate the advance of the virus in the country. This Sunday, February 28, marks one year since the first case of covid-19 was announced in Mexico and that it has caused great wear and tear on the epidemiologist. The official has confessed in his note that thanks to the admission he has been able to “relax mentally.”

López-Gatell affirms that since his admission and until now, he has not had problems breathing. “98% saturated with minimal supplemental oxygen supply,” he always states in the aforementioned newspaper note.

The figure of the official has caused much controversy in Mexico. At the beginning of the pandemic, his press conferences became a mandatory point of reference to understand the Government’s strategy in addressing the health situation. With the passage of time, however, his role added to controversy and polarization thanks to statements that went against what was said by his colleagues in other parts of the world. Among these sayings are his reluctance to wear a mask; to say that President López Obrador did not represent a contagious force but a moral force; to say that there were no indications to affirm that the pandemic would mean a national emergency. The official was also caught vacationing in January on a Pacific beach during one of the most severe peaks of the pandemic in Mexico City and when the capital authorities tried to reinforce the message of staying home.

One of his most controversial phrases was pronounced on June 4, when he said that a catastrophic scenario for Mexico would be to reach 60,000 deaths. This Sunday, however, Mexico registers 185,715 deaths. The figure, all the experts agree, is underreported.

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Ertms system tests in the Atlantic Axis delayed to spring

SAFETY The Ertms railway traffic management system, which is in its installation process in the Atlantic Axis and which allows more trains to circulate at the same time and at a speed of 240 km / hour in fast sections, will be in tests throughout spring and summer, before travelers use it.

Now the trains run under the Asfa Digital backup system that limits speed to 200 km / hour. At the end of this month, it will be two years since the installation began, when one was scheduled before six months for the various validation tests.

Various sources suggest that, in the absence of some beacons to be located on the tracks of the Santiago station, the power supply is being installed in the various cabinets of the system, and after programming with the corresponding software for the various interlocks, to At the end of February, the work auctions will be concluded.

If everything goes well later in the tests, its commissioning will coincide with that of the section from Zamora to Pedralba of the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line.

The need for ERTMS is no longer questioned by any of the parties involved

It is a universal signaling system for conventional lines and for high-speed rail lines (it is mandatory to equip high-speed lines with ERTMS).

ERTMS provides not only interoperability, which is the main objective pursued in Europe, but also economic, social and environmental benefits through time savings, punctuality and reliability. Last but not least, it guarantees safety. The most important train accidents that have occurred in recent years (such as the high-speed train collision near Santiago de Compostela in 2013, which caused the death of 79 people, or the conventional train collision in Buizingen in 2010, where 18 people died) are the type of events that the ERTMS system aims to prevent.

1 Over the last four years significant decisions and important measures have been taken, which will have a long-term impact on the application of ERTMS in Europe and abroad. Europe. The political, legal and financial environment for the ERTMS project has been strengthened and decisive steps have been taken in several Member States, in particular with regard to equipping the lines, both in terms of commissioning – including cross-border services – and publication of bids on a large scale.

Between 2007 and 2013, 7 847 km of track have been contracted (5 691 km of first intervention, 2 058 km of improved track and 98 km of pilot track) and 1 695 locomotives have been equipped (215 with first installation, 860 with adaptation and 620 with improvement) From a political point of view, the White Paper of March 28, 2011 reaffirms and quantifies the objective of modal transfer to rail for freight transport and indicates two important instruments to achieve it: interoperability through ERTMS and corridor development. Identifies corridors as an instrument for the implementation of the core network (action 35): «Create in the context of the” core network “structures of multimodal freight corridors to synchronize investments and infrastructure works and provide support for freight services. efficient, innovative and multimodal transport, including medium and long-distance rail services.

”From the legal point of view, a framework and a timeline have been established for equipping the lines in relation to the ERTMS project by adopting the Plan of European Deployment (EDP) 2 in 2009. In 2012 a Commission Decision3 was adopted requiring the mandatory application of new specifications for more transparent tests and procedures; in particular, referral to accredited laboratories is required. Another major technical milestone was the adoption of the technical specifications of the new standard, ETCS Reference 3, in 20124, which provides the basis for greater flexibility and less costly ERTMS execution.

From a functional point of view, the entry into force of the Rail Freight Regulation5 in 2010 establishes an approach that is complementary to that of the EDP and aims to achieve corridors for competitive freight transport through cooperation at all levels, bands quality standards and harmonization of national standards In addition to these legal acts, in 2013 two ordinary legislative procedures (requiring the approval of both the Parliament and the Council) completed the process started in 2011: the new guidelines on the Trans-European Network of Transport (TEN-T) and the ‘Connecting Europe’ mechanism (CEF). The new guidelines on the TEN-T will provide the revised policy for the next decade and establish a corridor-based approach that will support the coordinated implementation of the network, including the application of ERTMS. The Connecting Europe mechanism will provide the financial framework for the next programming period (2014-2020) and provides for the funding of necessary horizontal projects, such as ETCS. From a financial point of view, the Coordinator welcomes the publication of four calls for proposals in the last four years. In total, € 700 million have been allocated for ERTMS calls from the TEN-T budget (€ 8 billion), to which should also be added the funding released in the cohesion funds. Both financial instruments helped accelerate the implementation of ERTMS during a economic and financial risis (still persistent) in which the intervention of the European Commission is an essential incentive.

The allocated funding also helped accelerate the opening of the rail freight market, of which ERTMS is one of the main technical and operational components. The Coordinator calls on all stakeholders to make a greater effort to prepare for the long-term competitiveness of rail freight transport, the timely realization of the necessary investments and the harmonization, as quickly as possible, of the operating rules of the railway in the European Union. With the latter in mind, there is much that can be done to improve the competitiveness of the railway without higher investment costs.