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General Programme 11th UIC ERTMS World Conference Istanbul April 2014
Tuesday 1 April 2014
12:30 Meeting point at Haliç Congress Center (HCC) 
Technical visit by TCDD will be followed by the inauguration Opening Cocktail Party at the HCC Centre.
Wednesday 2 April 2014
HCC Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul Golden Horn
09:00Opening of the Conference: Session 1: Speeches by Keynote Speakers:Welcome by UIC _Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director-General, UICThe role of UIC – technical body to the ERTMS progress in the respect of railway efficiency and values unity, solidarity, universality

_Mr. Süleyman Karaman Director-General TCDD, Chairman of UIC Middle-EastWelcome, conference importance for TCDD and world
_Mr. Marcel Verslype Executive Director, European Railway Agency ERA
_Mr. Philippe Citroën General Director, European Rail Industries UNIFEHow innovation can contribute to achieve interoperable, high performance, cost effective Advance Traffic Management and Control Systems
_Mr. Libor Lochman Executive Director, CERERTMS on its way towards the standard implementation along European corridors
_Mr. Luc Lallemand CEO, Infrabel, EIM Vice Chairman
_Mr. Kari Kapsch, CEO Kapsch CarrierCom, GSM-R Industry GroupThe increased role of railway telecommunications

_ Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey
10:30-11:00Official Cutting Ribbon Ceremony
Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Session 2: User requirements
 : ERA, Executive Director, Mr. Marcel Verslype _FWK, Mr. Gottfried Winter / KAPSCH, Mr. Evanghelou :Enhanced reliability, stability and interoperability of the GSM-R system
 SNCF, Mr. Pierre Messulam:The ERTMS Life Cycle in a complex view of cost, maintenance and migration
_ERTMS Users Group, Mr. Michel Ruesen:From High Speed to Conventional Rail: Development of the Users’ Requirements for ETCS in Europe

_SNCF/UIC , Mr. Marc Antoni:ERTMS software advanced testing
_Open ETCS – ITEA team, Dr. K-R Hase:

OpenETCS – an evolution to formalized specification for non-interpretable application

SBB, Mr. Ingo Wendler:

Introduction of GPRS for ETCS
12:30-13:00Q&A on the topic “Requirements for ERTMS
14:30-16:00Session 3: State-of-the-art – target situation
: CER Executive director, Mr. Libor Lochman
ERA, Mr. Pio Guido and Mrs. Begona Domingo:From ETCS Baseline 2.3.0d to Baseline3 – why and what is new / GSM-R Baseline 0 – what does it bring; future plans
GB ERTMS Programme, Mr. Simon Whitehorn:Baseline 3 Challenge,an Infrastructure Manager’s and Railway Undertaking’s Perspective
UNISIG / Siemens, Sibylle Maier:Baseline 3 Challenge, the Suppliers perspective
CAF, Mr. Manuel Villalba:ERTMS state of the art and evolution of the applications considering customers’ orientations
Huawei, Mr. Norman Frisch:The road of success for implementing a multi-vendor GSM-R ERTMS network
Systra, Mr. Robert Sarfati:GSM-R is becoming IP-ready
Q&A on the topic: ETCS on a stable and performing specification
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:00Session 4: Suppliers’ experience
Chairman :
 CEO RFI, Mr. Michele Mario ELIA
Ansaldo STS, Mr. Alfredo Drago:ERTMS deployment experience in Turkey: Mersin – Toprakkale and Gebze – Kosekoy lines
Siemens, Mr. David Sanz Garcia:ERTMS – A Solution for High Speed and Cross Urban Applications in Turkey
AZD Praha, Mr. Ivan Tuháček:Experience earned from its on-going project on ETCS L2 on the line sections Kolín-Břeclav (a TEN-T corridor)
UIC/DB AG, Mr. Dirk Schattschneider:Interference to GSM-R
Sierra Wireless, Mr. Philippe Branly:Solutions for interferences-industry
NSN, Mr. Ola Bergman:GSM-R State of the art and close future trends
19:00Official Gala Diner
Thursday 3 April 2014
HCC Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul Golden Horn
08:00-09:30Session 5: Reducing costs – return of experience and future perspectives
 Prof. Yarman -Istanbul University
UIC, Piero Petruccioli:ERTMS cost benchmarking: driving costs and their actual evolution / Presents the conception and main results of the UIC benchmarking study
MERMEC, Mr. Vito Caliandro:Modern testing methodologies and their added values
CEDEX, Mr. Jaime Tamarit:Complex interlaced infrastructure – onboard testing: how much real scale testing should be needed?
ERA, Mrs. Begona Domingo:Certification and Assessment to GSM-R
RFF, Mr. Jean Cellmer:GSM-R Quality of Service for Voice and ETCS applications
OBB, Mr. Christian Sagmeister:GSM-R Quality Performance Tools
09:30-10:00Q&A with panel of speakers
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:00Session 6: Implementation strategies
 Director ERTMS Users’ Group, Mr. Michel Ruesen
_EC, Mrs Isabelle Vandoorne:ERTMS on the European core network by 2015, 2020, 2030 – strategic approach
_DB Netz, Mr. Manfred Petzendorfer:ERTMS on corridor-challenges and expected benefits, conditions for building seamless corridors from fragmented national applications
Alstom, Mr. Vincent Passau:Seamless Migration to ERTMS_TCDD, Mr.Mükerrem Aydogdu / Mr. Hasan Hüseyin Güney:ERTMS on lines – safety and efficiency – experience of TCDD testing / ERTMS-ETCS Applications for HSL & The Problems
_DB, Mr. Vrielink:GSM-R – Interconnection & Roaming situation, Future plans

_Infrabel, Mr. Dirk Taeleman:Impact on GSM-R of nationwide introduction of ETCS
12:00-12:30Q&A with panel of speakers
14:00-15:15Session 7: Technological progress of ERTMS
UNISIG General Manager, Mr. Michel Van Liefferinge
UIC, Mr. George Barbu / GSA, Mr. Daniel Lopour:Absolute positioning, enhanced odometry with GNSS – an evolution of tomorrow with immediate applicability on low traffic density lines – SATLOC
Bombardier, Mr. Andreas Jonas:ERTMS Regional development status
Thales, Mrs. Ruth Hierzer, OeBB  Mr. Manfred PisekETCS Level2 operational concept in Austria
UIC, Mr. Dennis Schut / UNIFE, Mr. Peter Gurnik:EU funding and migration possibilities for ERTMS and GSM-R projects
_ERA, Mr. Chiel Spaans / UIC Piero Petruccioli:Evolution of the Railways Communication System
_TCDD, Mr. Mehmet Turşak & Mr. Murat Güncan / Mr. Ramazan Ceylan & Mr. Ali BaşpınarThe Evaluation of the ETCS/ERTMS Harmonization of the Signalization Systems which have different Coupling Softwares/Marmaray Project Mixed Traffic Operation
15:15-15:30Q&A with panel of speakers
15:30-17:00Closing Session: Ending Session with speeches and opinions of prominent specialists of railways, signaling industry and radio-communication industry
 UIC, Director Rail System Department, Mr. Hans Günter Kersten

UNISIG, General Manager, Mr. Michel Van Liefferinge:The response with technology in a mondialized world
 UIC, Mr. Dan Mandoc:Telecom in support of ERTMS
 TCDD, Mr. Fatih Sarıkoç / Mr. Nuri Hakan Ekmekçi:ERTMS Implementations in Turkey / GSM-R Applications in Turkey’s High Speed Train Lines
_ UIC General-Director, Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux :
Final speech & remarks

Conclusions of the Conference

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