Ertms system tests in the Atlantic Axis delayed to spring

SAFETY The Ertms railway traffic management system, which is in its installation process in the Atlantic Axis and which allows more trains to circulate at the same time and at a speed of 240 km / hour in fast sections, will be in tests throughout spring and summer, before travelers use it.

Now the trains run under the Asfa Digital backup system that limits speed to 200 km / hour. At the end of this month, it will be two years since the installation began, when one was scheduled before six months for the various validation tests.

Various sources suggest that, in the absence of some beacons to be located on the tracks of the Santiago station, the power supply is being installed in the various cabinets of the system, and after programming with the corresponding software for the various interlocks, to At the end of February, the work auctions will be concluded.

If everything goes well later in the tests, its commissioning will coincide with that of the section from Zamora to Pedralba of the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line.

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