How to develop an Employer Branding strategy from scratch?

As a company, always looking s discover, recruit and retain the best talent . Persons working to achieve their objectives , which  fit into  your  culture  and have  af to n  of  é success, following what is known as Employer Branding strategy. 

But there is a problem:  your competition wants  exactly the same thing . And with the reputation or n of a company m to s visible than ever, whether  trav é s of b u SEARCHING employment in Google or the rese ñ as sites of comparison it or n as  Glassdoor or Indeed, submit a proposed employer is powerful and convincing m to s crucial and  m to s dif í cil  than ever .    

With a limited group of really exceptional people who can make a difference in  your company , it is essential that can s  stand out from the crowd  to attract talent there, as í  to keep people you already have .

Ah í  is where comes in  your strategy Employer Branding or Brand Employer . T and help to  find candidates that fit the ambitions of  your brand  and demonstrate  qu é  is felt to n  at home on their computers. 

In this post we will delve into what is one strategy employer brand and outline steps 5 cr í Ticos to develop a connecting you with the best talent available.

How important is having an Employer Branding strategy?

It is fair to say that the need for a strategy of Employer Branding is now m to s stronger than ever. The job seeker actively seeks all information or n possible on a  company  before submitting your application, and there is much  information he or n  available.

As mentioned above,  Glassdoor or Indeed are s or as  two examples of platforms that highlight the culture and processes of your company . Also é n must take into account website and other marketing channels such as social networks , as í  as word of mouth own workers .

If  your  negatives outweigh the positives, or if no dedicated s  the same attention it or n to  your strategy Employer Branding that t US  competitors  ,  t e risk s  losing the best talent, and even lose the current members of the team in the process.

Develop a brand that will attract and connect with the current candidates, increasingly to s savvy web, it is vital and can lead to many benefits :

  • Greater appeal as an employer for talented people interested in working in  your industry.
  • Greater  motivation or n  between  the team today  to feeling m to s connected and in Sinton í to the values of  your brand.
  • Disminuci or tangible n of the costs associated with RECRUITMENT it or n new talent and retention or n long term.
  • A template that actively defends and promotes  your brand , expanding its reach to other candidates and clients.
  • A vision or n  clear and unified  your brand  to which to move forward with all people associated with  your  shoved company to ndola in that direction or n.

Five steps to develop your Employer Branding strategy from scratch

Employer Branding strategy effectively can make a difference in the decision or n of an ideal candidate to join  your company  compared to other options available. Following these good PR to practices  will  give more control over  the messages projects and the ability to influence the way these people see  your  brand. 

# 1 Audit the perception of your brand

Before developing  one strategy employer brand, it is important to have s  a clear idea of c or how people see  your  company initially. Otherwise,  ¿ c or mo sabr to s qu é adjustments are necessary?  

An auditor í a  depth of perception or actual n of  your  brand, both  trav é s the eyes of  the  employees and  your users , t e can understand whether  your  message and reputation or current n projected values and attractiveness pretends s . Especially in  companies  with computers around the world, it is f to easy translate their values wrong or need to connect with refined  p ú PUBLIC  premises. 

# 2 Create your Buyer Persona

¿ Qui é n is  your candidate  perfect ? Without a clear answer to this question, not be to s able to effectively develop a strategy for employer branding  that addresses a person with personality, aspirations and skills to seamlessly incorporate  your  equipment. 

Preg ú Ntate:

  • ¿ Cu to are their main traits of personality
  • ¿ Qu é  causes they care about ? 
  • ¿ Qu é  them motivates  d í a  to  d í to?
  • ¿ D or nde seek  information or n ?
  • ¿ Qu é  roles and responsibilities want?
  • ¿ Qui é n influences their decisions?

# 3 Define the differentiating elements of your company

Know  what é  is what makes  u unique to your company  contributes greatly to develop its history.

Is the statement or n of the mission will or n your organization or n,  values. It is social responsibility. It is the culture.

All contribute to  your strategy employer brand to determining why é someone choose í to join or  to t or company  and not another . To set  the  factors of differentiation it or No USP, it is important to reassess  the  values themselves and compare them with the potential alternatives .   

# 4 Determine and use your main marketing channels

¿ C or mo  goes s  to reach  your  potential  candidates  or relate t e better with  your workers?  

From ber t to s  have an idea m to s clear channel that goes s to use  with candidates seeking s . However, it is essential that define s  as part of  your initiatives employer brand and keep s consistency across all platforms you choose to use.

In choosing the channels m to s effective, whether  trav é s a p to gina jobs in  your  web, campaign ñ as  means of communication he or No payment or carrying  your  employer brand to social networks  could to s get to your  p u PUBLIC with much more to s  é success . 

In this sense, don’t forget that BeAmbassador allows you to turn your team into brand ambassadors , and enhance your Employer Branding strategy through their social networks.

# 5 Create your value proposition as an employer

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is your  promise to current and future employees. It is what gives s  and  what  it har to  who are passionate about being part of  your  team , and as such is an axis of  your strategy employer brand. 

At the center of  the  PVE must be  your worker : their motivations, their interests, their objectives. Ideally, your proposal covers everything they are looking for to connect with your company in a positive and satisfactory way.  

With these tips you can start developing your Employer Branding strategy successfully and become a benchmark for attracting and retaining talent. The time has come to become the best place to work , so get to work!

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