Team has been able to reaffirm that the strategies Employee Branding is here to stay

Our participation in # DES2021
  • During the fair # DES2021 BeAmbassador team has been able to reaffirm that the  strategies Employee Branding is  here to stay .
  • The event has served the cloud platform to hold strategic meetings with future clients and  partners .
  • BeAmbassador is emerging as a fundamental tool for the digital evolution of companies a year from now.

Coses the fifth edition  of IFEMA’s Digital Enterprise Show (# DES2021) with a very good taste in the mouth. As José Olarreaga , CEO of the Employee Branding platform explains  , “This fair has had very good professional recognition. Due to the security measures, necessary for the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, we have appreciated less visiting public and more professional public ”. In this framework, the BeAmbassador team has been able to confirm that Employee Branding strategies  are here to stay . What before the pandemic we considered as a solution to a problem has now become a necessity ”, Olarreaga remarks. 

The digitization accelerated by Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of integrating the employee within the company. “A motivated worker, who feels comfortable, will work better and offer better service,” says  Jesús González , COO of BeAmbassador. 

Regarding the type of company that has shown the most interest in employee branding solutions  ,  González confirms that: “Although our company is open to any sector, it is true that we tend to be more attractive for projects with strong marketing and sales departments . However, we are sure that this will end up penetrating the human resources departments, and it will be a real  revolution ”.

Active participation in # DES2021

To give  a  better understanding of the platform  BeAmbassador  among attendees, the team  BeAmbassador  realiz or two presentations during # DES2021 which aroused interest among potential   partners  and customers. In the first, the  COO of  the company presented  the characteristics of the platform  and made  a demo of it.  In the second, the CEO of  BeAmbassador  spoke  next  to  Daniela Ferrer St., Business Director at Good Rebels, BeAmbassador partners on strategies Employee Advocacy, how they work and how to carry them out today. 

A challenge in the digital environment

From  BeAmbassador they  are aware that companies present a series of needs and problems. One of these problems is, without a doubt, having  a poor reach in corporate content . “In our company we are very aware of  how influential people are  individually on social media. The opinion of anyone on social networks influences.  At  BeAmbassador we take advantage of  this  influence to see how we face the challenge of engaging the employee  as an active part in the dissemination of the brand’s content ”, emphasizes the company’s COO. The challenge and incentive system This solution  Employee Branding  is key to motivating employees in this line: “U no problems having to do a strategy  of  ambassadors without tools or without solutions manual way is you do not really know  qui én  contributes more to the brand. To  Be Ambassador  know what e  ambassador  is more active and contributes more to the brand , and we know that a ranking, a ‘leader is generated  board “, depending on the activity of the ambassador . In it,  you earn points  and your points can be exchanged through the incentive program ”.

Goal # DES2022

Next year’s DES fair will change the venue in which it has been held for five editions, and will be held in Malaga . The team  BeAmbassador  is very clear that will attend  to  this unmissable meeting for  technological and business ecosystem , as well as showcase key of the latest technological solutions that boost efficiency and competitiveness of business in a market in full recovery .

“The confinements derived from the pandemic have greatly enhanced the  productive, organizational and collaborative tools… but now , after that stage, the time has come to satisfy new  technological needs , and  tools such as  BeAmbassador are   going to be fundamental . For this reason, next year we hope to have made much progress. ”, Concludes González .

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