Organized by UITP, the 10th international conference on ERTMS takes place from April 24 to 26 in Stockholm, Sweden.

10th international conference on ERTMS (01/27/2012)
The tenth world conference on ERTMS organized by UITP will take place between April 24 and 26 in the Swedish capital. The two previous editions on ERTMS, in Malaga in 2009 and in the Swiss city of Bern in 2007, enjoyed high attendance as the progressive implementation of the unified signaling system for Europe is becoming a reality. During the day of the first day, a technical visit will be made to the Borlange-Malung line with the aforementioned system already in place and thus show its advantages.

The global dimension of ERTMS is the theme chosen for the meeting in Stockholm due to the growing demand from infrastructure managers and rail transport operators. The planned program is organized as follows: –

Session A: ERTMS from the political environment
Session B: facilitate the deployment of ERTMS in Europe
Session C: applications in Europe: analysis of the cases of Sweden, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom
Session D: application of ERTMS around the world: projects in Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, Turkey and Algeria
Session E: optimization of investment in ERTMS
Session F: expanding ERTMS in the future
Session G: application of level 1 and 2 worldwide.

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