What are the 3 most used social networks by companies?

Find out which are the social networks most used by companies

The social networks most used by companies are not always the most suitable for your business or profession. The idea of ​​this article is to teach you the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 most used social networks by companies and that you can decide if they will cover your needs and how to guide your strategy in them.

Although we have hundreds of social networks, both vertical and horizontal, I have preferred to only talk about three because today it is very important to concentrate all our efforts on fewer social networks . It will always be better to work quality than quantity, so one, two or three social networks are better than five and poorly worked. However, if you don’t have that valuable time, you can always hire a social media agency  to do some of the work.

Now that we are clear that working less social networks is going to benefit us, before starting I would like to show you the most important reasons for using social networks in a company.

Why use social networks in a company?

Here are 10 compelling reasons to use social media in any company: 

  1. It is the means of communication that people use the most. 
  2. Although it depends on the social network, it is usually cheap advertising .
  3. We find all kinds of ages , depending on the social network.
  4. Every day people spend an average of 3 hours on social networks .
  5. Three-quarters of companies have already seen good results .
  6. It is easier for your customers to recommend their good experience .
  7. More than 90% of people carry their social networks on their mobile.
  8. Seven out of ten companies have  seen their brand image improved after using social networks.
  9. There are always systems that allow planning and optimization of dedication time .
  10. They have come to stay , you will not be able to flee from them.

The three social networks most used by companies

Logically, the three social networks most used by companies are those with the most active users. For this reason there has been an important change in the last three years.

Facebook continues to be the most used social network worldwide and the one with the most users. Also in Spain, one of the oldest so it is still the most used by companies. One of the two social networks that has penetrated the most, reaching countries like Spain almost equaling the number of users is Instagram . With what has gone from being a social network used by certain sectors to begin to be within the three most used. And  finally, the most professional-specific social network, LinkedIn, which has also seen an incredible increase .

Although we will see the advantages that each one of them brings us below, what we know is that regardless of the sector, there are the three social networks where the highest percentage of people with more than 18 years of age is agglutinated in social networks. That is why they are the ones that should be bet on any company. Shall we start? 


A social network that will be able to bring you countless advantages to your company. Do not think, like many people, that it is no longer a widely used social network,  there  are still 22 million active accounts in Spain . The 10 most important advantages that we can highlight regarding Facebook as one of the most used social networks by companies are: 

# 1 Branding

Facebook will allow you to improve the brand image of your business or company. By allowing posts to be shared by other users, the strength of a “recommendation” as such greatly increases that image. It is when someone shares your opinion or something you have seen that has caught your attention. Sharing is increasing your reputation .

# 2 Advertising

Facebook has a cheap system that allows an unbeatable segmentation to be able to reach only those people who interest you, especially those over 40 years old. Your money on advertising is not lost teaching it to people who are not customers but only those who themselves  can. 

# 3 Communication channel

It is one of the best communication channels as it has the largest number of users, even above traditional media such as television, radio or the press.

# 4 Reputation management

It allows you to easily manage user opinions. You can easily request that they leave their experience. And you can also respond and control those bad opinions.

# 5 Customer service

Facebook is one of the social networks most used by companies, among other reasons, because, with it, you will be able to interact remotely and directly with any client. For example, it  incorporates Messenger, an instant messaging system, such as WhatsApp, which is used more in countries like the USA. 

# 6 Traffic generator

Facebook is one of the social networks that generates the most traffic to web pages. In this way, you can lead to more information on products or services, better loyalty and gain traffic to improve your SEO performance. 

# 7 Event Creator

It includes a very complete tool to organize and promote any type of event for your business or company.

# 8 Catalog generation

It allows us to create product catalogs. In addition,  these products will also be used on social networks of the same company, as in  the case of Instagram. We can enhance the image, name and description of the product, its price and a direct link to our online store if we have it.

# 9 Emotional content

It is one of the social networks that, due to the type of publications, allows us to transfer that emotional content that people like so much. This generates interactions and, in the long run, community growth.

# 10 Loyalty

Community management on Facebook allows us to have tools to retain and maintain a community of users who may be our customers, or may be at some stage of need to purchase. 


This is the social network that more h to  grown since 2018 . Today it reaches more than 20 million users in Spain , practically like its older brother, Facebook. They belong to the same company and, logically, it must be included in our strategies. The 10 most important advantages of Instagram as one of the most used social networks by companies are:

# 1 Segmentation

It is the social network with the most information on people under 35 years of age. Not just geographic data ,  but  also lifestyles, tastes and interests, preferences, and behaviors .

# 2 Great community

It is the social network with the most users by far between 18 and 35 years old . In Spain, 70% of this population uses Instagram.

# 3 Customer service

It includes tools to ask questions, conduct surveys and interact easily and quickly . In addition, they  are incorporated into “stories” that are short-lived, thus generating valuable information and driving participation. 

# 4 Effective advertising

As in Facebook, having a good segmentation makes it easier for advertising to only be seen by those people we are interested in and not waste money on users we do not want.

# 5 Generate traffic

Although we cannot use links in the publications, both the link in the biography and if we have a very large community we can use links in the stories. this always generates more traffic to our website.

# 6 Advertising 

The segmentation and growth that this social network allows is somewhat higher than on Facebook. Above all,  because it is easier to grow organically, so the investment in advertising will always be lower than on Facebook. 

# 7 Build trust

It is the social network that best allows to increase the confidence of the clients. The type of advertising closest to the audience allows having content that better humanizes a brand.

# 8 Improve ad pitches

It is the social network par excellence that we have more graphic options to launch eye-catching advertising campaigns. It has multiple formats and always very visual.

# 9 Easy investment measurement

It incorporates a range  of very interesting statistics, as it has multiple formats, it even improves Facebook’s own. So it is easier to measure the investment with the return obtained (ROI). 

# 10 Cross promotions

If we said that it improves advertising launches, this social network also allows you to easily promote other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube .


Although this social network has always been somewhat opaque with its data, we know that in Spain there are already 12 million active accounts . It is the largest professional social network in the world. The growth comes from the purchase of Microsoft.  

The 10 most important advantages that we can highlight are:

# 1 Special for business

It is the perfect network to be able to work B2B . We only find professional profiles so the information is always around the businesses or companies.

# 2 Professional brand image

Whether you are a professional or a business, the brand image increases significantly since providing professional information always helps to improve it.

# 3 Professional synergies

It is much easier to make direct connections with suppliers and potential customers in the same industry. Finding people dedicated to the same as your company or business is much easier than in any social network. 

# 4 Ease of recruiting talent

It is the most powerful work tool we have today. And by finding only professional profiles, it is very easy to find talents and recruit new professionals for your business .

# 5 Product Catalog

Like Facebook, LinkedIn incorporates a tool to register products and / or services. In this way you can share these products or even promote them through advertising.

# 6 Simple networking

It is the social network that best allows you to meet other companies from different sectors and to complement services or products with them. Business win-win . 

# 7 Competitor information

It is very easy to follow the competition since the social network itself sends us statistics of our competitors. It is also easier to obtain information and statistics from our own sector. 

# 8 Involvement of our employees

As these are professional profiles, it is easy for the employees themselves to generate content designed to promote the company, when promoting themselves they will use content from the current company where they work. To do this, having a brand ambassador program is essential.

# 9 Web traffic

Like Facebook, as it allows incorporating links in publications, it is a great tool to generate traffic to any website.

# 10 Internationalization

LinkedIn is the perfect social network if we want to boost our business outside the country . It allows you to find people from other companies and countries in a simple way, which without this social network would be impossible.


We could see advantages of many more social networks, but these three can generate an important synergy. Not only  because they are the three most used social networks and with the most users in Spain, but because the content that we are going to be able to work with will help to greatly optimize the time spent at all three.

In my opinion, working these three social networks in a company will always return more than we invest. Convinced? 

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